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John McClean

I live just outside the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire in the UK with my lovely wife, 2 cats, and a little dog. I spent my formative years from the age of 16 in the Armed Forces,14 years as a Royal Marine.

I found it hard to get a new job afterwards, 'civvy street' was whole new ball game and a shock to the system it took 2 years of doing bits and bobs and going back to college to retrain myself before I finally found a full-time job which was in a Call Centre at Thomas Cook, but after a couple of years there I changed roles and became a computer technician with Cap Gemini. I did that for 3 years I really enjoyed the work but hated office politics so I walked away just to save my sanity!

So what Next?

The next thing I did came totally from the left field I got involved in Complementary Therapy, I trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other related modalities within the self-help field.  I also became Reiki Master Practitioner so happy for the last 18 years, this takes us until the end of 2017.

We as humans typically don’t like sudden change and about seven months ago I had to decide on what to do and how to make some money after having a change of circumstances medially. After humming and aahing and thinking what to do I came up with this brilliant idea of doing Internet marketing! - I hear people say ‘Internet Marketing that’s easy no problem anyone could do it.’   NOT!!   And ‘It’s not proper work, it’s not a proper business! - ‘Errr Yes it is’.

Spinning Wheels

Although having had previous experience with PC's and having my own website for years I found myself running around in circles, working for hours been very busy but not really achieving anything, frustratingly just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I needed to get some direction.

So here we are today. I’ve been meaning to start a blog for quite some time, however, could never get around to it, that is until I was on a live call last night with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford on the ‘Quick Start challenge 2018’ - they now have my undivided attention for the next five weeks.

As part of this year's challenge, we will be given a small task to complete each week a kind of homework if you will, but there’s a catch, all be it a good one mind you - there’s a chance of winning a prize for your effort and for taking action. There will be a prize at the end of each week to look forward to for those who want to enter each challenge. This being week one we were set a challenge to start a blog, so basically, those of us without a blog got our arses kicked to make one.  

On wards and upwards as they say.

What do I hope to achieve with this blog?

Well, my thoughts are to document my journey in this Internet marketing world cataloging my efforts to succeed including both the good and no doubt the many mistakes that I make (mistakes I hope to be minimal!)  I’ve been doing the usual newbie stuff buying products, joining groups on social media, attending webinars, working on list building, getting my ass in gear - oh did I mention buying stuff oh and more stuff. It’s now time to start earning and using the ever-increasing library of products before they gather virtual dust on my hard drive. Besides she who must be obeyed will see red if I don't but them to good use, let's face it guys if the wife is happy then all is alright in your world. Admit it you know it's true !!!

So come back and visit again and follow how I get on and progress in this mad mad world of Internet Marketing as I document everything I do each week. 

Who knows you might even learn something along the way.

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